December 12, 2008

Seasons and Reasons

Were it not for summer’s fallen leaves
Autumn and winter’s sub zero degrees
Earth may not be ready to sprout in spring
Or trees with leaves for summer’s breeze

Were it not for winter’s blizzards of flakes
Snowplough and zamboni wouldn’t be created
Hockey might not be such a famous game
Its sport stars may not have been heard of

Were it not for spring wind and showers
Sap would not flow to revive frozen trees
Flowers may not bloom in time for June
Wedding bouquet and gardens may be dull

Were it not for summer sun’s temperature
Veggies would not be so pretty on the plate
Fruits would not be such a plush juicy treat
Air conditioned luxury would be unheard of

Were it not for the spectacular fall colours
The natural beauty would have been boring
Even before the trees become undressed
Indeed every season is with good reason

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