December 2, 2008

Intimate Connection

You followed me everywhere
To keep company on my journey
As words twirled in my mind
Like leaves on a windy autumn day

The days I eloped to trance land
You wooed me before bedtime
Even when I tried to toss you aside
Or did not pay any attention

Sometimes you came on real strong
Other times begging me to prolong
While you caressed my words and ideas
And wiped the tears from my cheek

Whispered in my ears to console me
Reminded me how much you care
And your desire to stay by my side
As you pleaded with me once again

Your look of disappointment
When I attempted to say goodbye
The playful way you jumped about
Hoping that I woke from my sleep

Your provoking persistence teased me
Each time you tickled my nerves
So I decided to give you another chance
This is something I will never regret

My hands reach for my cherry scented feather
Inspiration is at its peak potential
As I fall in love with you again and again
My dear poem

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