December 31, 2008

Simplicity of Life

Enraptured in its flow of love
Life situations often bittersweet
Just when I thought this was it
Joy showed up most unexpectedly

With unfathomable sincerity
Life revealed its meaning
A chance and choice to witness
More qualities of authentic spirit

With chambers opened up wide
Clarity of its whispered voice
Heart invited me to step inside
Acceptance was an absolute choice

Divine guidance beckoned
Spirit soar to the stillness
Longing and desiring quenched
Wellspring of life spilling over

December 30, 2008

Beyond Polarity



Uncompromising surrender to spirit

Not good enough-Too good to be true
Good enough to just be

Too educated-Not educated enough
Naturally astute

Ongoing conception

Underachiever- Overachiever
Different strokes for different folks

Too conservative- too unorthodox
Be just the way spirit likes it

Ignorance- Oblivion

Good- bad
What is, is what is


Blame- Fault

Fear- Brave

I am that I am

Too old-Too young
I am that I am

Stupid Suffering

Full freedom from follish fears

Stupid- smart
Awfulizing mentality

Relative to mind

In black-In white

December 29, 2008


Wings grew on dreams feet
Feathers covered hopes arms
Great mystery unfurls its plan
Life soar in full span of time

Energy of rapture filled earth
Enthusiasm replaced misery
Nature rests in creation womb
Soul quietly enjoy the bosom

Mind marries with eternal spirit
Body approved of the intimacy
Heart pumps with renewed zest
Spirit within fulfills its intention

Cosmos reveals its natural world
Everyday ordinariness of events
Create extraordinary conditions
Work of art in pure imagination

December 28, 2008

Hip, Hip, Hip, Hooray!

River of life goes on with its flow
Saying hello bye it rolls along
Quietly, mystically, unwaveringly

River of life exists wild and free
Starting point and unto infinity
Earth is beaming and bubbling

River of life mosey untroubled
Mapping paths on its course
Many detours along the way

River of life dwell in eternity
No matter what time impart
Light still outshines darkness

December 27, 2008

Broken Vessels

Let no one ever stop you
From what God plans to do
Using you talent in its favour
Working as a vessel of honour

If doubt about this truth exists
And facts tempts you to dismiss
Life’s very most infallible pact
Read the historic biblical facts

The same book used to preach hell
Is the bearer with good news to tell
When the mind shares its poor lies
Let spirit help optimism stay alive
King David failed very miserably
By sleeping with someone’ s lady
Job accused and cursed the almighty
For losing all his wealth and dignity

Paul persecuted and killed God’s people
He crowded jails before filling temples
Esther, Rahab and the lady at the well
Each lived to have a true story to tell

Daniel interpreted dreams without fail
Jonah survived in the gigantic whale
And went on to be a great missionary
Peter was the one Jesus gave the key

Moses ran from his calling as child
And returned after being in the wild
Father Abraham did not have a clue
About what God intended to do

Nebuchadnezzar tried putting God down
Jeremiah thought he was way too young
Sarah herself believed she didn’t belong
And began singing her mournful song

So let God use your ups and downs
He knows how to use them as crowns
Invite him to work with your frowns
And turn pain to purpose all day long

December 26, 2008

No Burdens Please

pointing fingers
jumping to conclusions
being judged by another

who needs that!

making assumptions
finding reason to accuse
labeling and heckling

who needs that!

fighting and revolting
badly bruised mind
crushed body and soul

who needs that!

running on empty
burning candles ends
competition and comparism

who needs that!

stifled choice
lifelong longing
utopia and slavery

who needs that!

promises of promises
begging and starving
strive until doomsday

who needs that!

December 25, 2008

Cradle of Liberty

The face of war sneers as it burns with anger
Innocent victims wail and groan while anguish
Terrorizes and distorts once peaceful lands
Horror and fear reign

Day and night, violence and riots plague the world
Mental and moral battles breathe out fiery threats
Brutality shakes hands with greed and hatred
Lives lay in ruin

Earth trembles furiously from munitions
Human remains lay in fragmented pieces
Tombs of rubble and nameless epitaphs
There lie fallen ones

Life’s final cry is to cease war and hatred
Let the fire of love burn within instead
Memories of such crime it tries to erase
Live in one accord

December 24, 2008

the quiet mind

A single white rose presented itself
Who are you she asked of the image
With hands rising to reach in for it
Petals transformed to a ray of light
Astounding radiance of brightness

Entertained with visions of heaven
The quietly busy theatre of the mind
Serenely enjoying calm gently breeze
The intensity dissolved the silhouette
Initially starring in the mirror of time

Gradually the mind’s purity glistened
Fire of passion combusted calamity
Self-love fashioned into acceptance
The mind’s eye and rhapsody marry
Wonder filled nirvana with laughter

Nestled in the rolling stream of life
Serenity of sophisticated prominence
A calming treat of enhanced wellness
Permeated with abundance of richness
An everyday paradise of the quiet mind

December 23, 2008

Hey Dude

May you always be near and dear
As when you were on planet earth
Taking the breath away of all you met
Hugging the soul of the young and old
Everywhere your little feet wandered
While you waited to leave this world

Words can never fully express your
Impact on our lives
Let alone the impression you
Left imprinted in our hearts
In the short span of your life
As you journeyed this side of heaven
Making friends with all you met as you
Shared your handsomely captivating smile

December 22, 2008

Split Images

Menu of feelings and images lurked in his head
Myriad of scenes flashed before his eyes
He tried blinking at the sun hoping they’d disappear
Too much post trauma

Imprints of his memory are all that his eyes could see
Staring back at him were visions of life in battle
Quietly he sat in an attempt to clear his mind
Time seem not to care

A gently cleansing erased his woozy focal point
New scope invigorated his mental theatre
So captivating it made him become oriented
Way beyond mental flashbacks

Standing between yesterday and tomorrow
The veteran’s heart managed to smile awhile
Memory cannot fade without being tear-jerked
Life has set him free

December 21, 2008

Sanctified Soul

Plunged into a pit of perpetual purgatory
The fragmented mesh of the Adam and Eve net
Penalized for parent’s indulgence of instinct

For decades he roamed, moaned and groaned
In the manicured wilderness of guilt and shame
Nothing that he could do to erase regretfulness

Someone shared the most reassuring message
Life is not intended to cause anyone such misery
Living dully for transgression he did not commit

Streaks of paradise spark the life in his heart
He saw his existence in such new perspective
Reality perched in the doorway of his soul

Reclaimed his dignity and making wiser choices
Peace flooded his being with a chance to acquaint
Ransomed heart and soul vulnerable and wounded

Curious about the taboo of the purity of blissfulness
His mind pondered on love, sex, pregnancy and marriage
The experiments that brought forth new life into being

Grave infringement of his birthright as life’s treasure
Friendly streetwalker outcast by God-fearing pilgrims
Regain his immortality and deep respect for mortality

December 20, 2008

Blossom of Abundance

In the forest of the mind
Trees of despair flourish
Information grows there

In the forest of the mind
Unique ideas also flourish
Intuition grows there too

In the forest of the mind
Life willfully gave choice
A personal blend of each

December 18, 2008

Borrowed Words

Language of many borrowed words
Stitch and layout the ideas I compose
Where it came from, I know naught

The English Language I often sought
Savvy, eclectic, multilingual verbiage

Where it came from, I know naught
Still I am impressed with its helpfulness
Sewing, mending, decorating my ideas

December 17, 2008

Focal Points

Assertive behaviour
Can definitely encourage faith

Generate holistic ideas
joyful, kind motives

Nightly occurring periodic quietness
Reduces stressful thoughtlessness

Unending video watching
Exterminates youthful zest

December 16, 2008

Daily Special on Life’s Menu

Amid mix emotion and confusion
Realize also that life is worthwhile
Conjure joy and optimism of life

Calmly the heart thought loudly
Believe in yourself- love yourself
Just express your truth with love

Ever since my refined zest of life
Dark clouds of despair disperse
Happiness perfumes enthusiasm

This very joy keeps me trusting
What compassion has done in me
It can surely do for all humanity

December 15, 2008

Race of Time

Darkness chases the twilight
But soon another day is born
Light stalks the darkest night
Darkness chases the twilight
Moon and stars shine bright
The blazing sun left forlorn
Darkness chases the twilight
But soon another day is born

December 14, 2008


It is like a switch
One click
And a dark room
Lights up
And I see what’s inside

It is like a key
One turn
And a closed door
Opens up
And I see what’s inside

It is like fire
One spark
The coal ignite s
Flames blaze
And a fire is started

Ii is like salt
One pinch
And bland food
Becomes tasty
And the meal is enjoyed

It is like music
One note
Joins another
They blend in

And become symphony

December 13, 2008

Spectacular Sign

Stirs the heart and enriches it with love essence
Courageous, charismatic, adventurous, resilient
Open to accepting experiences of everyday living
Rejuvenate and rebuilds its instinctive abilities
Presents itself as a channel of vigour and poise
Integrity, respect, gracefulness, radiant beauty
Orchestrates life according to nature’s rhythms

December 12, 2008

Seasons and Reasons

Were it not for summer’s fallen leaves
Autumn and winter’s sub zero degrees
Earth may not be ready to sprout in spring
Or trees with leaves for summer’s breeze

Were it not for winter’s blizzards of flakes
Snowplough and zamboni wouldn’t be created
Hockey might not be such a famous game
Its sport stars may not have been heard of

Were it not for spring wind and showers
Sap would not flow to revive frozen trees
Flowers may not bloom in time for June
Wedding bouquet and gardens may be dull

Were it not for summer sun’s temperature
Veggies would not be so pretty on the plate
Fruits would not be such a plush juicy treat
Air conditioned luxury would be unheard of

Were it not for the spectacular fall colours
The natural beauty would have been boring
Even before the trees become undressed
Indeed every season is with good reason

December 11, 2008

state of the mind

People stumble in life’s busy pathway
Psychological obstacles stump others
Some people see things that eyes don’t
Because it’s not visible to the naked eye
I fumble and my mind becomes cloudy

I should sleep during the night, not during the day
What about the people who work during the night
If I slept through the night while I am working
Work throughout the day when I am sleeping
Did I sleep, work or was I wide awake dreaming

The glass is half empty when it is half full
When is it neither half empty nor half full
What if it is empty and I say that it is full
And when it is full, I insist that it’s empty
It is all up to how the mind want to see it

December 10, 2008

heart of the matter

Noise of gunshots blasts
Signal yet another shooting
Fatally wounding its targets
Or become forever paralyzed

Plague of such violence
Affects many more individuals
Than just victims of the crime
And those who pull the trigger

Sensitivity of the matter
Can never be simply solved
With added racial profiling
Nor enforcing tougher laws

Damage from the same harm
Can really begin to dwindle
When all underlying causes
Are no longer being ignored

The catastrophe is not simply
A masquerade of abhorrence
But love perfumed with gloom
And polluted disappointment

Life has not forgotten about us
We have chosen to wander off
It is using the sign of the times
To lead us back to its goodness

Integrity, peace, love, and respect
Can replace all discord and enmity
If we obey and adhere to life’s laws

December 9, 2008

Just Curious, my dear Cosmos!

If weapons were able to reason
Would they choose love or anger
Or war disguised as peacekeeping

If death had a voice, instead of a sting
Would it defend and debate its action
Or explain why it is the cause of grief

If wounds had the ability to gossip
Would they clarify the source of pain
Or make acceptance of what is, easy

If tears were a mirror on the wall
Would they reflect what’s in soul
Or the gaudy truth of the mind

If God revealed its humanness
Would he express fears about life
Or would I be disappointed in God

If I were to create my own idea of God
Would that really land me in purgatory
Or help me to R.I.P in heaven on earth

December 8, 2008

The Candle

Lit the lowly candle
Watched its flame
Shine so intensely
As it sparked to life

The candle’s burning wick
Glowed with such delight
It scared away the dark
Sending it into hiding

This minuscule candle
Showed me its strength
Conquering its contender
Right before my eyes

The mighty darkness
Was no close match
For the melting stick
And its big red flame

Darkness resigned
When it saw the light
What I could not see
Was right in my face

The candle winked
As if to say to me
I would be of no use
If I just stood there

I didn’t let the darkness
Nor my size frighten me
I just let my light shine
And dispel its delusion

December 7, 2008


Heavy droplets of rain
Fuse with trickling tears
Rolling down the stream
Cheeks have become

Cadence of falling rain
Trade places with tears
Rock-stiff muscles soften
Trapped emotions set free

Sunshine and pouring rain
Mingle like joy and sorrow
Comprehensive delight
Life afresh in Nirvana

December 6, 2008

Pleasant Paradise

Wholeness of memory radiate bliss
Vessel of soul echoes with laughter
Voice of innocence rests from strife

Letting go of need to restrain time
Revival of instinct hush ignorance
Cosmos resurrect life full spectrum

Eyes whisper secret of intelligence
Quiet attraction of sublime beauty
Forever instill the freedom of now

December 5, 2008


Words and images flirt
Senses stretch
Awareness arouses
Silly! You say

Words and images marry
Challenges scope
Creativity commands
Go places unknown

Words and images conceive
Spirit surges
Intelligence ignites
Meanings transform

December 4, 2008

In Eagle Style

Wings soar in fearless flight
Undisturbed by stormy plight
It cruises to celestial altitude
In majestic and graceful attitude

With warrior’s spirit and vision
Undistracted aim and mission
Spots its prey from the distance
Swoops to tackle in full stance

Then rises again to great height
To enjoy life in peaceful delight
So like an eagle, come what may
Rise above the strife of the day

December 3, 2008

confusion is nothing new

The rooster crowed
My cells renew
Many plants grew
What’s up with that!

Singular mouse, plural mice
Singular louse, plural lice
Singular house, plural houses
What’s up with that!

I bought some furnitures
And then tended the sheeps
Those nouns don’t even exist
What‘s up with that!

December 2, 2008

Intimate Connection

You followed me everywhere
To keep company on my journey
As words twirled in my mind
Like leaves on a windy autumn day

The days I eloped to trance land
You wooed me before bedtime
Even when I tried to toss you aside
Or did not pay any attention

Sometimes you came on real strong
Other times begging me to prolong
While you caressed my words and ideas
And wiped the tears from my cheek

Whispered in my ears to console me
Reminded me how much you care
And your desire to stay by my side
As you pleaded with me once again

Your look of disappointment
When I attempted to say goodbye
The playful way you jumped about
Hoping that I woke from my sleep

Your provoking persistence teased me
Each time you tickled my nerves
So I decided to give you another chance
This is something I will never regret

My hands reach for my cherry scented feather
Inspiration is at its peak potential
As I fall in love with you again and again
My dear poem

December 1, 2008

Challenge and comfort

Challenge is mankind best friend
Because it forces us to look for answers in places we never dreamt we'd go

Comfort is mankind’s worst foe
For it stands in the way of finding all we need to know