October 31, 2008


It was a rather warm but quiet evening
I sat by the candlelight listening to silence
When I had a flashback of the yesteryears
I smiled as I recalled those dreaded moments
When shadows of the unknown scared me
And hopelessness inflicted my happiness

How I had longed for some sane company
During those never ending depressing days
And the sleepless nights with the zombies
Sometimes it felt like my life stood still
Other times it raced much faster than time
I could not even catch up with my self

Drained by emotions that clogged my life
I tried running from my shackled mind
Then when it seemed like I lost the race
I prayed for a strategy to escape the void
Waves of solitude distilled the madness
And they purified my toxic thoughts

Trauma frozen in time began melting away
Shoots of hope penetrated the gloominess
Joy and peace sprouted in my mental garden
Now I bless and thank those very moments
That I once scorned, detested and cursed
For without them I would not be who I am

October 30, 2008


Being shielded by her own emotions
Is what made her most fascinating
As she approached me for direction
To the path leading back to herself

I was curious but I didn’t want to analyze
How long she’d been lost and wandering
Or why she felt safe to ask me for the way
She came closer and motioned me to sit

I wondered if she had read my thoughts
And wanted to share her purpose with me
Or maybe it was to defend her character
That may have been flagged as indecent

She told me her heart ached with longing
It was near blossomed when she lost herself
While being someone everyone would like
Only to lose the person she was born to be

Since then she has been an empty shell
Who longed to resolve the inner conflict
She broke down as she lamented her loss
Something silver or gold couldn’t replace

With each step she took in her mind
She got closer to her final destination
Filled with joy she skipped and danced
As she found the one she was looking for

October 29, 2008

The Search is Over

She kept searching
For someone to love her
She kept searching for that someone
To love and complete her

Made so many excuses
For someone to love her
Even tried to change her self
All in vain so she kept searching

A little piece of hell
Tried to devour her soul
Didn’t like the picture of her
So the search continued

Sprinkles of love and affection
Broken life and fragmented self
Something seemed still missing
T’was a shadow of her she saw

Someone to love her
In free abandon and soft caress
So she searched and searched
The depth of her soul

Someone knew she was searching
Waited patiently with eyes wide open
Arms opened wide waiting for her
To give her back to her self

Her eyes beheld such a person
Someone to love and complete her
Smiling at her in the mirror
Beautiful illusions traded spaces

Trampled rose with living colour
That someone she searched for
Embraced her silhouette
And welcomed her self back

October 28, 2008

Glorious and Essential

Embrace the untouchables
Take the time to really know them
Before igniting blame and guilt
Reach out

Crystallized frowns adorn their brow
Layers of unhealed pain paved their journey
Unforgotten hurts knocked on their heart’s door
Reach out

See the brave soul beneath the fear
Listen to the whispers of the soul
Let them know that you really care
Reach out

Respect expressed tears of relief
Allow buds of optimism to blossom
Help make Earth a peaceful haven
Reach out

Reach out… Reach out … Reach out
Touch the untouchables
Reach out

October 27, 2008


soul is starved
hungry and ready
to digest a full life

for nourishment
deep wisdom
from soulfood chef
banquet is primed
served with trimmings
senses fully aroused
relishing every crumb

soul is satisfied
glowing contentedly
zesty and ready
to digest a full life

October 26, 2008

the pilgrims way

desolate desert
shape my life

like easterly wind
blow sand dunes
push me along
on sojourners path

so i stride boldly

October 25, 2008


invented parental control
To block kids
from seeing the world

turn on the television
take a peek at today’s news
check out movie previews

Who censors adult behaviour
When children are watching
from inside out

October 24, 2008

Roundly Square

Choosing up sides
Always spins mind
Though not a square
Round’s forever fair

No side to choose
Makes me enjoy
What is, as what is
Round or, square

October 23, 2008

Divine Security

Dancing to life’s music composed by nature’s holy legacy
In a twist of separation from strife, one finds inner peace
Vicissitude of daily business excite the zeal of creativity
Inspiring thoughts percolate with each evocative breath
Nature’s side order of reality and majestic tapestry
Elated by the feel of a zephyr while sipping aloe juice

Safe haven by meandering pool of serenity amid chaos
Enchanted love and desire that chase away trepidation
Calm reassurance from supporters along the way
Unprecedented ebullient music from birds and bees
Rays of sunshine set the stage for the rhythm of life
Integrity of the human spirit regains meaningfulness
Tender touch of time erases the blush of uncertainty
Yesterday’s memories elapse; today’s dream unfolds

October 22, 2008


The most beautiful scenery was once wilderness
The most artistic sculpture was once a piece of clay
The world was chaos before the sun, moon and stars
The world was once just a big mass of emptiness

October 21, 2008

God Knows

When ‘bad’ things happen to ‘good’ folks
It is wise not to rejoice at their fate

When ‘good’ things happen to ‘bad’ folks
It is noble not to rain on their parade

For by doing so we remind ourselves

That from weakness comes strength
And what goes around comes around

October 20, 2008

Vicious Circle

Laid off my minimum wage work
Qualified for about half of its pay
Got a part time job as sales clerk
To help make it through the day
As I juggled to manage the bills
And still have enough money
To afford my prescription pills
The tax collector was not funny
Describing the meagre earning
As just way too much benefit
Not even factor in cost of living
Or the stress of making ends meet
Let real concern for citizens show
Then genuine care they’ll know

October 19, 2008

Altering Perspective

Freedom to choose or ask question
Has been stripped of all credibility
By suppressing the gift of curiosity
Silencing the voice of imagination
Replaced with rehearsed fiction
And abbreviated counterfeit reality
Instead of allowing a person integrity
The soul’s siren drowned by distortion
Woodenly constructed words or speech
Carved in stone of disguised hypocrisy
Is no way to speak or even try to teach
Break down the gate of fake democracy
Dare to remain honest when impeach
Differing to see eye to eye can be gutsy

October 18, 2008

Multitude of Blessings

My life, each new day, the moment and all it brings.
Understanding the principle of relaxing and letting go
Living totally in the now, knowing the future is safe
The gift of a zesty personality and healthy sexuality
Invigorating, affectionate and uplifting relationships
The comforting hugs from friends and loved ones
Utterly maintaining balance of work, rest and play
Daily doses of events that keep me steadfast in faith
Every opportunity to make another fresh start

Omnipotent guidance, protection and forgiveness
Family, friends and the many teachers along the way

Being in a place where I hear my tears fall on the grass
Living each day with dignity, integrity, and confidence
Experience and circumstances for building character
Sense of humour, infectious laughter and caring touch
Safe place to call home and enjoy solitude moments
Inspiration, music, nature, imagination and creativity
Never having to give up being true to one’s self
Growing gracefully in the palm of God’s hand
Surrounded by loving and very caring persons

October 17, 2008

The Difference

Discipline brings out the best in us
Punishment is followed by rejection

Discipline is followed by perseverance
Punishment abuses the body and spirit

Discipline corrects and encourages progress
Punishment criticizes, discourages and damages

Discipline is a period of adjustment and restructure
Punishment is an era of destruction and grave digging

Discipline restores integrity, respect and sacredness to sanity
Punishment invades the sense of God, oneself and family time

Discipline deposits a generous dosage of love and self esteem
Punishment withdraws and robs off every shred of one’s faith

October 16, 2008

Links Of A Chain

They are the poignant reminders that-
Some of us are stronger in certain areas
All of us need each other at some point

None of us would make that chain alone
Some of us lose our shine now and then
Each of us came as crude ore of the earth

We all have been created with a purpose
No link is an accident nor is it a misfit
Some of us get out of shape or even break

In spite of all of these imperfections
Like the links that make up the chain
We are all accessories of the master plan

October 15, 2008

Fingernails’ message

Some of us grow with time and care
Some of us break with time or no care
Some of us bend out of shape and form

Some of us grow and break with time
Some of us take a longer time to grow
Some of us are fragile; others are rigid

Some of us are brittle and, some resilient
Some of us get stained, chipped or crack
Some of us need a coat of polish or gloss

Just so, the whole person needs nurturing
To bring out all magnificence from within
Isn’t this a noteworthy fingernail message!

October 14, 2008

haphakh time

you who is weary
you who is broke
you who is hungry

you who is lost
you who is distraught
you who is burdened

you who is forlorn
you who is thirsty
you who is grieved

no more drama
just infinite grace
no more tarry

no more o evay
just infinite peace
no more despair

infinite love says
it is haphakh time
Spirit appeals

October 13, 2008

At The Office

Folders, cabinets, binders
Endless junky documents
To review and, organize
Boxes, and more boxes
Pack, label, ship off site

Highlights of office day
Hard work and laughter
Comradery, smiley folks
Meetings and luncheons
Fine memoirs that linger on

October 12, 2008


It is a beautiful day for a picnic
Perfect for lunch on the beach
Frolic on the seashore and, eat
Waves massage tired feet

It is a beautiful day for a swim
Enjoy the breeze and let life be
Golden rays warm up the sand
We gather shells along the shore

October 11, 2008

Vivid Vagueness

God of life vanish on eve of sleepless darkness
Tomb of mystery swallows up dream of living
Memories of infinity seem a vault of emptiness

Private world scream in confined space of dead
Unexpressed affection hidden in cremated dust
Prolonged procrastination rest in restless peace

Humble grumbles of grief soothes scarred souls
Psyche marvels at detailed drafts of unlived joys
Hello and goodbyes beckon on cusp of eternity

October 10, 2008

I Am Whole

Wounded yet never been broken
Feelings felt some never spoken
Many times I’ve been misunderstood
My behaviour was interpreted as rude.

Mind was racing with taxing thoughts
Some believed that I was going nuts
Some certain that I am demented
I know I was just feeling tormented

Tired and worn-out body signal for help
Heeded its plea and began to heal myself
Restored body and mind I now embrace
I respect and appreciate the state of grace

I see myself in a magnificently strong body
I feel wonderful, vibrant, heartily zesty
Life reflects victory, beauty and harmony
I am whole- happy to be God’s sanctuary

October 9, 2008

Along the way

Morning breath
Lends life
Another chance
Thing to do
Things to undo
Along the way

Evening breath
Lends time
Another chance
Dreams to breakdown
Dreams to mend
Along the way

October 8, 2008

I Am Free

I am free to learn from mistakes
As I dance to the music of life
Letting go of all pain and strife
I am free!

I am free from bondage of worry
As I let go of all hustle and hurry
I relax and sing of life’s glory
I am free!

I am free to break chains that tie me
As I relish moments of blissfulness
Which now replace the emptiness
I am free!

I am free to enjoy the rising sun
As another day awaits everyone
I allow myself to have some fun
I am free!

I am free to embrace my authenticity
As I continue to relinquish illusions
I examine and broaden my visions
I am free!

I am free to change my point of view
As I consider solutions- old and new
And let others express themselves too
I am free!

October 7, 2008

Starting Over

Life gets sweeter and sweeter
As days go by, I feel less bitter
The dreadful past loses reign
I let nothing drive me insane

No longer do I stand in the way
I permit no one to spoil my day
Free to change my point of view
Moment by moment, life renew

Today begins the rest of my days
A gift to enjoy in wonderful ways
What tomorrow brings I may not see
Today presents to me all I can be

I set my feet firmly on the ground
I allow no trick to toss me around
Heart need is to enjoy serenity
Poise, effortlessness magnanimity

October 6, 2008

Mirror of Night

Profundity penetrates layers of life
Shattered bits of surrendered heart
Flourish in splendour and majesty

Lulling dreams on the eve of sleep
Subconscious transcend lucid facts
Mind weaves reality from memory

Purity of purity dignify re-creation
Seemingly ordinary feelings awake
Mortality vigilantly preserves spirit

October 5, 2008

Therapy Session

Imprisoned soul
Locked away
For decades

Imprisoned soul
Swiftly pounced

Like a hungry
Wild dog
Yelp furiously

Toxic emotions
Rushed out

Patient gentleness
Tamed mind
Dissolved fury

Essence of soul
Revived wholeness
Spirit resurrect

October 3, 2008


Confident and optimistic
Humility dressed with love
Acceptance of what is
Respect, integrity and dignity
Attitude of gratitude
Committed to authenticity
Tried, test and always true
Expresses spirit self
Reflects what is in one’s heart

October 2, 2008

Each Time I Fall

I outlive many a dreadful moment
Despite my never unending lament
I rise again each time I fall
Because God always answers my call

Though matter how low I go
Or how terribly hard the blow
Each time I fall I rise
That’s the way to catch life’s prize

When burdensome days come my way
When from life's path I seem to stray
I remind myself of all the other days
I rise each time I fall

The journey is long and sometimes dreary
Oftentimes this is very, very scary
I fall and I grumble, I crumble and I mumble
Always, I rise each time I fall

Whenever I stumble and fall
I hear a voice so gentle, so clear
"You can do it each time my dear
Yes! You can rise after each fall”

October 1, 2008

Divine Flow

In heaven
I thank you
And give you praise
For the doors you close
As well as those you open
To pour out your prosperity
Steady surge of wealth
In rich measure
Faithfully provided