September 30, 2008

My Outlook On Life

Active, beautiful, content
Despite each feral gray hair
I just keep loving my naturally
Optimistic personality

Quiet reflections
Silence the uninvited vibrations
Welcomes xcitement
Youthful, Zest

God’s Affidavit …You Are Love

Introduction You are Love I know what it feels like, feeling that not even God cares. I know what it feels like when it seems I have exhausted all God’s timeouts in a lifetime on this Earth Journey. Many times I have shared with God and loved ones my desire to assist persons who are lacking the loving support that it takes to lift a fallen spirit, a wounded mind and tortured body. I know that God himself took me seriously because one day he said “I don’t care how long you took or how slow you dragged your feet on your offer but I will make sure that you know that I accepted your offer.” In fact that is just why I created you and put you through all what you had to learn so you can be a source of inspiration. Lately though, I have been wondering; what on earth was I thinking! I felt like Moses, Jeremiah and Jonah all at once! How someone who loves God one day and, the next is fighting God head and shoulder, knees and toes with this same God live life and its experiences as a wise witness to his creation? Even I am searching high and low for proof that God is serious about what concerns me and his children. Well I have resigned to encouraging people to be honest with their deep fears, joys, dreams and expectations. Don’t hold back anything from God because this is the one thing that is impossible to become possible because God already knows! Commune with your soul! It is waiting. It longs to help you to share your truth and brighten memory and all its contents, express your honest doubts, your questions, and your heart’s cry ot joys amidst its sorrows. Soul intuitively wants to guide you back to your self! God’s impeccability and respect of free will knows no boundaries, denominational labels, or social hierarchy. God’s power abides in every member of all kingdoms and even when we innocently or ignorantly destruct this fact of life and self. God is not putting you in situations because of servitude or disrespect of integrity through lack of love nor does God entertain the use of power to create terrible mistake with no intrinsic value of its own wisdom and reverence for all life. Let me tell you, the process that got me to accept my qualifications from God was very scary yet there is nothing that pleases the heart more than to move along with the inner conviction that it is good… it is very, very good and, well! As life continues to escort me into all the realms and mansions of God’s kingdoms live, direct, unhurried, uninterrupted and undisturbed I talk about everything with the morsel of spirit coursing through my memory and present moments and I feel the fear of God's wrath dissolve. Sprit remains always grateful to God and His descendents right alongside the ancestors Now that is a message I do can share!