December 27, 2008

Broken Vessels

Let no one ever stop you
From what God plans to do
Using you talent in its favour
Working as a vessel of honour

If doubt about this truth exists
And facts tempts you to dismiss
Life’s very most infallible pact
Read the historic biblical facts

The same book used to preach hell
Is the bearer with good news to tell
When the mind shares its poor lies
Let spirit help optimism stay alive
King David failed very miserably
By sleeping with someone’ s lady
Job accused and cursed the almighty
For losing all his wealth and dignity

Paul persecuted and killed God’s people
He crowded jails before filling temples
Esther, Rahab and the lady at the well
Each lived to have a true story to tell

Daniel interpreted dreams without fail
Jonah survived in the gigantic whale
And went on to be a great missionary
Peter was the one Jesus gave the key

Moses ran from his calling as child
And returned after being in the wild
Father Abraham did not have a clue
About what God intended to do

Nebuchadnezzar tried putting God down
Jeremiah thought he was way too young
Sarah herself believed she didn’t belong
And began singing her mournful song

So let God use your ups and downs
He knows how to use them as crowns
Invite him to work with your frowns
And turn pain to purpose all day long

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