September 11, 2009

Birth of "Can"

Rebirth of fresh surge of energy
Possibility raises more potential
New ideas expand and generate
Breath of life revives quiet souls

"Cannot" returns to its waiting
Resting in peace forever and again
Source of despair mourns alone
Heart releases pure fragrance

Liberation saturates the mind
Serenity calms constant chaos
Creativity lights up dark dreams
Courage sparks inovative ideas

August 1, 2009

Just As You Are…Come

Soul: Here I am
Life: I have been waiting for you

Soul: I have so much to ask
Life: I have a lot to share

Soul: Why is all this happening to me?
Would you do something?

Life: I have great reason and one day it will all make sense to you
Soul: Really? I am surprised at you!
Life: I already know how you feel

Soul: Is that how you care?
Do you even care?
Life: More than you can ever know

Soul: I am so angry with you, God
Life: My love for you will never fade

Soul: Whatever...
Wife perished, children gone astray
Lost everything, filed for bankruptcy
What more do you plan to take away

Life: Give me all your cares and fears

Soul: You are right, nothing makes sense
And you, you make the least sense, if any
Where are you in all this?

Life: Yah, I know it is hard to imagine

Soul: Is that a punishment?
Life: I discipline, I do not punish

Soul: For what now… lack of faith? lack of trust? huh
Life: All will make sense one day

Soul: You expect me to believe that?
Life: Your brokenness is real

Soul: Is that all you have to say?
Is that all you can do?
Is that supposed to help?

Life: I understand your pain

Soul: Are you even there?
Life: Believe it or not I am listening
Keeping talking to me
Tell me exactly how you feel
Stay with me awhile

Soul: Well you gonna have to do better than that 'cause I need more than that now

Life: Then ask, ask my child, for what it is you need
Soul: I have no clue how to pray right now
Life: You are doing just that!
Soul: Really? You are not mad at me for feeling the way I do?
Life: I call that honesty; saying “ oh it’s okay” right now would be far from the truth
Soul: I can’t say I am okay yet, far from it... you are correct and you begin to make some sense; I am beginning to feel abit relieved
Life: I am here to comfort you. Just as you are…Come

Soul: for that, I can already say a big thank you!

July 11, 2009

Another Fresh Start

Depth of the ocean world quake unrelentingly
Crashing waves of raging sea hum in the storm
Heartbeat of the gutsy wind throbs earth’s core
Midnight blue clouds paint orange skyline black

Lightening exploded in tiny pieces of numinous
Cosmic drum roll resounded in heaven’s ceiling
Celestial theatre performs its intended intention
Mysterious sage of ancient ages refines creation

June 1, 2009

Wished I Had Known

I ask myself why, why, why?
What made him go this way?
A possible motive resounded
One that left me thinking

Beneath the fine appearance
Was one who’d been hurting
Maybe he thought no one cared
Or would not understand him

What could have been so painful?
Did he even try to talk about it?
Did he think he was beyond help?
What made him go over the edge?

Now I have all these questions
I wished I had some answers
But I am certain of one thing
He was a kind young fellow

I told him so on many occasions
But maybe that was not enough
Oh how I wish I had noticed
The pain behind his smiles

I take this as a serious warning
To observe what may go unsaid
Even if that’s the least I can do
To help someone along the way

May 28, 2009


Heat of hate ignited anger range
Lifeless surrogate perfect scheme
Echo of ego voices boastfulness
Unanimity in bewildered refuge

Repeated moment of old routine
Instituted in prime of innocence
Convoluted lifestyle coiled in fear
Whispers bellow in gentle wind

Abstractly composed laws useless
Layers of interpretation amusing
Frenzied demands baffle wisdom
Oddity of illusions quite elusive

Certainty of promise inaccessible
Secrets hide business of control
Inspired infinite made a choice
World collapsed from its strife

April 9, 2009

The Gap

Apprentice of the twilight
Expert of morning’s light
Mind divides night and day
Time baffled by cloudy sky

Moon and sun grace skies
It is only midday on earth
Essence glow gorgeously
Life reminisce of beyond

Between birth and tomb
Eternity caress memory
Precipice of death await
Friend of time unbound

Absolute peace and bliss
Abyss of living invite fear
Enjoy excursion of reality
Destiny of creation is life

March 18, 2009


Dark nights envelope moonless universe
The mind panic at winter's ruggedness
Spring dozes just a little while longer
Seasons seem confused

Blustery wind busily whisks crispy air
Teapot hastily brews pick-me-up tonic
Its aroma cauterize the season's chill
Sweet consolation

Alas! The sun's warmth regains meaning
Frozen streams gurgle; trees wave in bravado
Pelican scoops up its sumptuous meal
Earth nourish its young

Blue skies steer away the clouds of despair
Nature’s cool air approve of refreshed earth
Gardens, fragile yet beautiful, grace the mind
Receipt of new life

February 9, 2009

Shift in Perception

Naked trees and branches dance
Wind sets tone
Flurries provide confetti pieces
Passion releases

Oh, what merry music birds play
Letting me interpret
Sometimes the lessons are crucial
I even call spirit a lunatic

Perception shifts
I rest in life’s sacred bosom
With hindsight at my side
I dream with eyes open wide

January 1, 2009

Rich Risks

Maintaining awareness of unselective compromising
Unsacrificing today’s gladness for tomorrow-delight

Unlearning bludgeoning nuances of circumstances
Unbinding the body from constant conformity

Liberating expressions from royalty grammar
Unidentifying with armoured expectations

Unleashing guarded etiquette and persona
Untrapping mind from its turmoil of lack

Realigning dreams with the cosmic wheel
Untangling emotions from yo-yo stance

Unchaining the integrity of spontaneity
Remapping the importance of instinct

Redeeming experience from extortion
Reuniting living with the joy of bliss

Unwinding the pendulum of time
Unmasking soul of ascribed roles

Ungnarled thoughts of disappointment
Harvesting abundant ardour and vigour

Planting seed of inspirational intentions
Fertilizing every encounter with rich risk
Circumstances that continue to mould life’s outlook into shape
Treasure that the world cannot fathom giving or taking away