December 21, 2008

Sanctified Soul

Plunged into a pit of perpetual purgatory
The fragmented mesh of the Adam and Eve net
Penalized for parent’s indulgence of instinct

For decades he roamed, moaned and groaned
In the manicured wilderness of guilt and shame
Nothing that he could do to erase regretfulness

Someone shared the most reassuring message
Life is not intended to cause anyone such misery
Living dully for transgression he did not commit

Streaks of paradise spark the life in his heart
He saw his existence in such new perspective
Reality perched in the doorway of his soul

Reclaimed his dignity and making wiser choices
Peace flooded his being with a chance to acquaint
Ransomed heart and soul vulnerable and wounded

Curious about the taboo of the purity of blissfulness
His mind pondered on love, sex, pregnancy and marriage
The experiments that brought forth new life into being

Grave infringement of his birthright as life’s treasure
Friendly streetwalker outcast by God-fearing pilgrims
Regain his immortality and deep respect for mortality

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