December 10, 2008

heart of the matter

Noise of gunshots blasts
Signal yet another shooting
Fatally wounding its targets
Or become forever paralyzed

Plague of such violence
Affects many more individuals
Than just victims of the crime
And those who pull the trigger

Sensitivity of the matter
Can never be simply solved
With added racial profiling
Nor enforcing tougher laws

Damage from the same harm
Can really begin to dwindle
When all underlying causes
Are no longer being ignored

The catastrophe is not simply
A masquerade of abhorrence
But love perfumed with gloom
And polluted disappointment

Life has not forgotten about us
We have chosen to wander off
It is using the sign of the times
To lead us back to its goodness

Integrity, peace, love, and respect
Can replace all discord and enmity
If we obey and adhere to life’s laws

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