November 30, 2008

Move Along

Move along
Even when the noises and voices of ignorance
Haunt common sense
Even when things appear to disrupt your outlook
On destiny’s path
Move along

Move along
Even when your groans and moans disappear in the wind
Swallowed by silence
Even when your feet become blistered, achy
Calloused and swollen
Move along

Move along
Even when fantasies are void of passion
And life seems bleak
Even when clues are engulfed by smokescreen
Vision appears dim
Move along

Move along
Even when the tempest rages in vicious circles
In the wilderness
Even when your spirit is clouded by despair
Wondering where you are
Move along

Move along
When weariness is becoming your best friend
While faith takes leave
When zombies play jump around
In the middle of the night
Move along

Move along
Even when nothing looks palatable
With all the trimmings
When lonely won’t leave you alone
After the world caves in
Move along

Move along
Even when the pigment of imagination
Eludes all saneness
Even when the scariest idea
Tempts you to quit
Move along

Rest if you must
Just don’t give up

Move along
On the road less travelled
Move along
The staircase built within
Move along
On the darkest day
Move along
During the brightest night
Move along
Oh ye who are downtrodden
Move along

November 29, 2008


The pureness of a child at play
Splendor of a display of artwork

Kindheartedness of loving care
Childlikeness of the adult child

The rising and setting of the sun
Witnessing a chrysalis makeover

Hug and kiss that need no words
Intimate glow of an aroused soul

Inspiration that revives presence of bliss
Laughter that outshines embarrassment

The little things that brightens circumstance
The simple things that make life momentous

Indispensable understanding of life situations
Choices that improve the value of living life fully

Doing something that frightens the mind and surges soul
Optimism of willing to make every moment significant

November 28, 2008

Defy the logic

Taste with the eyes
Let the mind stand at attention
Smell with the ears
Watch the time capsule collapse
Feel with the nose
Intelligence takes its rightful place
Touch with the mouth
Enjoy life’s infinite deployment
See with the heart
Choreograph the dance to life's rhythm

November 27, 2008

Afresh, over and over again

Walk through the doorway of living
Turn on the enthusiasm of curiosity
Explore life as though the first time
Let nothing disrupt or deject

Let go of anxiety and set spirit free
Turn on excitement of letting life be
Digest each moment living ad lib
Let nothing interrupt contentment

Flourish in splendour and zest of life
Invigorate mind in soul’s sacred stroll
Dissolve ideas of hurt and punishment
Let nothing disguise life’s precious gift

Write a script straight from the heart
Negotiate with life in ardent confidence
Allow the cosmos attend to the details
Let nothing distract the intended result

Linger on and enjoy the business of living
Know that everything happens for a reason
Stay connected to the quiet voice of the soul
Let nothing disturb or deride the flow within

November 26, 2008

Life Agreement

Each time I awake to join life
Treasures wait with their greeting

Invigorating breath, nature, rising sun

Love is always ready to envelope me
Encouraging me to create and cocreate

Meal-and-heal cuisine, work of art, mentoring

Many years have gone by and bye
Each one always richer than the last

Challenges, personal growth, awareness

Life intends to woo my heart
When I awake to join life

Celebrate, appreciate, live fully

November 25, 2008

Celebrating each breath

I rise and greet another day
Not even knowing what to say
For though it looks cold and gray
I am just glad I see another day

A day dawn all new and fresh
I have no clue what comes next
Still, I will always do my best
I prepare to pass life’s test

November 24, 2008

Viva la vie

Can’t let the ball stay stuck in between time and space
Rollover and keep taking it syndrome is a lapse of sense
Let spirit soar joy up to par with zest for life adventure

Can’t just resolve to waiting for a better time than now
Strive and die to rest in peace is morbid in the nth degree
Steadfastly journey in heaven right here on earth each day

Can’t ignore now and expect a more fortunate tomorrow
Wish and pray for a better past is an insidious thing to do
Happiness is always ready to salvage and boost weary souls

November 23, 2008

epitome of life on earth

Feeling straddles between joy and tension of gloom
Childhood memories laden with innocent bloom
Ideas of better provoke the mind to continue going
Knowing fully well spirit wants soul to keep growing

Awed by the majesty and miracle of everyday living
Fragrance from brighter beyond awakens the being
Magic and wit make sense even crushed by cynicism
Gleaning a new sense of certainty amidst pessimism

Scared, sacred, heart finds all wonder in simplicity
Epitome of life on earth imbibe obsolete identity
Human family transform in meaning and substance
Becoming safe, secure pathways to elated elegance

November 22, 2008

Seeing Beyond

Do you really hate me?
Or is that just your cry
To help release your fears
I know that you are hurting
You think you have failed
That must be very crushing
But I want to tell you that
Beneath your human frailty
I see your great love for me

Do you really love me
Or is it just a disguise?
I heard you say I am wise
And you want the best for me
But then you turn and walk away
Your affection was just a ploy
In spite of all you do and say
I see through your plot to betray
The very person you claim to love

November 21, 2008

ignorance and panic

Troublesome combo
These two contenders

When you are tired
They show up in style

Give them a chance
They dry up all hope

Their bogus schemes
Steal all sound slumber

In the dark and unaware
Life gets tangled in mazes

Befriend wisdom and courage
Ignorance and panic disappear

November 20, 2008


without bread
sucks on rock hard honey
toil for more bread
deemed never to be eaten
by the breadwinner
without bread
toil to save economy
forfeit sanity, dignity, integrity
deemed never to be enjoyed
by the breadwinner

November 19, 2008


Hell does not use blazing fire
Nor does it employ brimstone
It uses lies, deception and fear
To trap lives with its disguise

Weakening soul and spirit
Its tactics set lives in limbo
Confuses the moral fibres
With believe or die tricks

Accuse life for killing dream
Punishing instinct innocently
Trade-off optimism for despair
Many murdered while alive

November 18, 2008


Mistakes that nudge soul inspiration
Opportunities that flirts with the mind

Decision to seek, to ask and, to knock
Searching for the clue that shields an answer

Courage to take hold of each moment
Knowing what to and what not to say or, do

Tears of joy that trickle down cheeks
Knowing that no burden can break the spirit

Trusting innersense even when on the brink
Enduring trials that strengthens awareness

Flaws that shrink when viewed with the heart
The painful sharpening now and then

Experience is everything that takes place along the way

November 17, 2008

End Product

From the struggles of life I gained strength
Because of pain and strain I gained power
Fear of rejection gave me the courage to be me
Isolation taught me to appreciate intuition
By taking the risk of claiming my life
I moved from the shadow into the light
Alternating between extreme moods
Taught me the best way to find balance
By not comparing myself to another
I came in touch with my true substance

November 16, 2008

Incredible Insight

Just when you thought you could take no more
Someone came along your side and help you see
All the wonderful gifts you can still enjoy
In spite of gray days

The breath of life, a strong and healthy physique
A new day to make yet another fresh start
Loved ones who share nature’s tapestry of life
Somewhere to call home

Just when you thought there is absolutely no point
To even dream you could ever go on
Someone came along your side and help you see
Treasures to behold

The gift of expression, arts and talents
Wisdom, aptitude, magnificent beauty
These are just a few of wonderful things
Life situations offer

November 15, 2008

Imprisoned Rage

Imprisoned rage locked far away
Deep within me it tried to stay
For decades it remained contain
With way too much unresolved pain
Tried deftly to keep it at bay
But it spewed out like molten clay
When it could no longer retain
Imprisoned rage

Destroying some lives every day
This rage can cause social decay
Leaving the soul weary and drain
Even cause some to go insane
When the state of mind goes astray
Imprisoned rage

November 14, 2008

Hideout Spots

Daniel spent the night in a den with the lions
Because that is where God was waiting for him

Jonah was in the whale for three days and nights
Because that is where God was waiting for him

Joseph’s brothers sold him as a slave in Egypt
Because that is where God was waiting for him

Moses was in the desert for forty years of his life
Because that is where God was waiting for him

The three brothers were in the blazing furnace
Because that is where God was waiting for them

Tobit was deported from Israel to Nineveh
Because that is where God was waiting for him

Paul spent his best years in prison writing books
Because that is where God was waiting for him

You and I walk over the waves of disturbance
Because that is where God is waiting for us

November 13, 2008


Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
Oddly broken
Perfect fit
Each one plays its role

Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
Uniquely designed
Innately connected
Life lessons presents solutions

Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
Intentionally created
Indispensable contribution
Collectively reveals wholeness

November 12, 2008

Justice and Peace

Fight for justice
Then pray for peace
Blameless enjoy no release
From plight and anguish
How else will one find peace
Or surmount injustice
a voice waiting for its turn
rumbled on and on
strangely I was part of the matter
undoubtedly I was the matter of the heart
i had no need for an explanation
the heart already knows
Love is everlasting

November 11, 2008

On War

Blood and sweat of warfare
Stained the blueprint of my mind
Searched nearby lands and afar
A place to hide I could not find
Everywhere paved with landmines

November 10, 2008

Surrendering to Spirit

Letting go
Instills sparks of optimism
Forever focusing on good
Every moment in time

November 9, 2008

Facts Of Life

Though matter how brutally painful
Only hurts once

Though matter how smooth and well intended
Continually torture

November 8, 2008

Lifetime Guarantee

The only thing that’s always real
Is the love of God for his children
The only promise that holds true
Is the love of God for his children

The friend who always comfort us
Is the divine presence from within
The friend who will never leave us
Is the divine presence from within

The one who always meets our needs
Is the omnipotent, everlasting source
The one who will always give freely
Is the omnipotent, everlasting source

The only one who will never shame us
Is the one who knows no judgment
The only one who will never reject us
Is the one who knows no judgment

November 7, 2008

Disguised Helpers

Calamity tapped on the window
Opportunity rapped at the door
Success beckoned to embrace it
Defeat watched in disappointment

Wave goodbye to fear of failure
Waste no time to embrace success
A lot of good is rapping at the door

Although wrapped in brown paper
They are the most precious gifts
That life’s adversity waited to share
For they remind us to be grateful

Wave goodbye to fear of failure
Waste no time to embrace success
A lot of good is rapping at the door

Value splendidly wrapped days
Their heart-warming presents
Treasure most the ones
Those that come without bows

November 6, 2008


Warmth of smiles
Dries tears from eyes

An invite to come closer
Oh, what great delight

November 5, 2008

When soul meets soul

Strokes of his gnarled fingers
Ironed away her frowns
Released brows from despair
Love is right on schedule

Lonely years faded
Knots of insecurity unraveled
Love’s return to his waning heart
He welcomed with arms open wide

Strokes of her gnarled fingers
Ironed away his frowns
Released brows from despair
Love is right on schedule

Lonely years faded
Knots of insecurity unraveled
Love’s return to her waning heart
She welcomed with arms open wide

November 4, 2008

Road Rage


Honking and tailgating
Anger emitted
Attention diverted
Tires screech

Reflex deactivated
Vehicle rolls on
Bam, boom

Urgency halted
Shattered glass
Write-off ride

Blaring sirens
Tow trucks

Hurryuppers slow down
Emergency crew
Clear the way
Bodies scooped up

End of hurry
Life matters

Life’s message
No need for hurry
Slow down
Even for a while

November 3, 2008

2020 Hindsight

Many times, I did things my way
God seem too slow or delayed
I hardly understood what I must do
So I just did what I thought I should do, anyway
Only then, I understood
I had the choice to decide all along

November 2, 2008

Amazing Results

When negative energy drain life
God was not concerned about the pain
Because he planned to use it for good

When people rejoice at soul's brokenness
He was not concerned about the jeers
Because he planned to use it for good

When mind falter and stray from God way
His love for me has never wavered
Because he planned to use it for good

He allowed me to wail, cry and groan
When I was in the fire of restoration
Because he planned to use it for good

He did not mind the fussing and fighting
When he tried to keep me safe and calm
Because he planned to use it for good

He stopped no one from laughing
When humanness feels embarrassed
Because he planned to use it for good

Tearing and breaking down moments
All are a part of his plan for everyone
Because he intends to use it for good

November 1, 2008


To catch a bit of my attention
God allowed specks of dust
To blow in my life’s events
And irritate the hell out of me
So that I’d choose to serve Him
By listening to divine guidance
As he directed my every move
But I did not follow His way

Jesus showed up on the scene
He threw a pebble, then another
By then it seem he was ticked off
I just heard a loud, crashing noise
I looked behind to see this boulder
Tumbling down with such force
I was pulp before I could scram
I knew that his heart was broken

For along came his Holy Helper
Holding the cosmic glue in one hand
And the human clay in the other
He reshaped all the bits and pieces
Then polished me in a blazing fire
Like mosaic art the crumbs bonded
And then when she was finished
She tagged me ‘God’s Design’