October 31, 2008


It was a rather warm but quiet evening
I sat by the candlelight listening to silence
When I had a flashback of the yesteryears
I smiled as I recalled those dreaded moments
When shadows of the unknown scared me
And hopelessness inflicted my happiness

How I had longed for some sane company
During those never ending depressing days
And the sleepless nights with the zombies
Sometimes it felt like my life stood still
Other times it raced much faster than time
I could not even catch up with my self

Drained by emotions that clogged my life
I tried running from my shackled mind
Then when it seemed like I lost the race
I prayed for a strategy to escape the void
Waves of solitude distilled the madness
And they purified my toxic thoughts

Trauma frozen in time began melting away
Shoots of hope penetrated the gloominess
Joy and peace sprouted in my mental garden
Now I bless and thank those very moments
That I once scorned, detested and cursed
For without them I would not be who I am

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