October 30, 2008


Being shielded by her own emotions
Is what made her most fascinating
As she approached me for direction
To the path leading back to herself

I was curious but I didn’t want to analyze
How long she’d been lost and wandering
Or why she felt safe to ask me for the way
She came closer and motioned me to sit

I wondered if she had read my thoughts
And wanted to share her purpose with me
Or maybe it was to defend her character
That may have been flagged as indecent

She told me her heart ached with longing
It was near blossomed when she lost herself
While being someone everyone would like
Only to lose the person she was born to be

Since then she has been an empty shell
Who longed to resolve the inner conflict
She broke down as she lamented her loss
Something silver or gold couldn’t replace

With each step she took in her mind
She got closer to her final destination
Filled with joy she skipped and danced
As she found the one she was looking for

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