October 29, 2008

The Search is Over

She kept searching
For someone to love her
She kept searching for that someone
To love and complete her

Made so many excuses
For someone to love her
Even tried to change her self
All in vain so she kept searching

A little piece of hell
Tried to devour her soul
Didn’t like the picture of her
So the search continued

Sprinkles of love and affection
Broken life and fragmented self
Something seemed still missing
T’was a shadow of her she saw

Someone to love her
In free abandon and soft caress
So she searched and searched
The depth of her soul

Someone knew she was searching
Waited patiently with eyes wide open
Arms opened wide waiting for her
To give her back to her self

Her eyes beheld such a person
Someone to love and complete her
Smiling at her in the mirror
Beautiful illusions traded spaces

Trampled rose with living colour
That someone she searched for
Embraced her silhouette
And welcomed her self back

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