November 1, 2008


To catch a bit of my attention
God allowed specks of dust
To blow in my life’s events
And irritate the hell out of me
So that I’d choose to serve Him
By listening to divine guidance
As he directed my every move
But I did not follow His way

Jesus showed up on the scene
He threw a pebble, then another
By then it seem he was ticked off
I just heard a loud, crashing noise
I looked behind to see this boulder
Tumbling down with such force
I was pulp before I could scram
I knew that his heart was broken

For along came his Holy Helper
Holding the cosmic glue in one hand
And the human clay in the other
He reshaped all the bits and pieces
Then polished me in a blazing fire
Like mosaic art the crumbs bonded
And then when she was finished
She tagged me ‘God’s Design’

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