October 18, 2008

Multitude of Blessings

My life, each new day, the moment and all it brings.
Understanding the principle of relaxing and letting go
Living totally in the now, knowing the future is safe
The gift of a zesty personality and healthy sexuality
Invigorating, affectionate and uplifting relationships
The comforting hugs from friends and loved ones
Utterly maintaining balance of work, rest and play
Daily doses of events that keep me steadfast in faith
Every opportunity to make another fresh start

Omnipotent guidance, protection and forgiveness
Family, friends and the many teachers along the way

Being in a place where I hear my tears fall on the grass
Living each day with dignity, integrity, and confidence
Experience and circumstances for building character
Sense of humour, infectious laughter and caring touch
Safe place to call home and enjoy solitude moments
Inspiration, music, nature, imagination and creativity
Never having to give up being true to one’s self
Growing gracefully in the palm of God’s hand
Surrounded by loving and very caring persons

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