August 1, 2009

Just As You Are…Come

Soul: Here I am
Life: I have been waiting for you

Soul: I have so much to ask
Life: I have a lot to share

Soul: Why is all this happening to me?
Would you do something?

Life: I have great reason and one day it will all make sense to you
Soul: Really? I am surprised at you!
Life: I already know how you feel

Soul: Is that how you care?
Do you even care?
Life: More than you can ever know

Soul: I am so angry with you, God
Life: My love for you will never fade

Soul: Whatever...
Wife perished, children gone astray
Lost everything, filed for bankruptcy
What more do you plan to take away

Life: Give me all your cares and fears

Soul: You are right, nothing makes sense
And you, you make the least sense, if any
Where are you in all this?

Life: Yah, I know it is hard to imagine

Soul: Is that a punishment?
Life: I discipline, I do not punish

Soul: For what now… lack of faith? lack of trust? huh
Life: All will make sense one day

Soul: You expect me to believe that?
Life: Your brokenness is real

Soul: Is that all you have to say?
Is that all you can do?
Is that supposed to help?

Life: I understand your pain

Soul: Are you even there?
Life: Believe it or not I am listening
Keeping talking to me
Tell me exactly how you feel
Stay with me awhile

Soul: Well you gonna have to do better than that 'cause I need more than that now

Life: Then ask, ask my child, for what it is you need
Soul: I have no clue how to pray right now
Life: You are doing just that!
Soul: Really? You are not mad at me for feeling the way I do?
Life: I call that honesty; saying “ oh it’s okay” right now would be far from the truth
Soul: I can’t say I am okay yet, far from it... you are correct and you begin to make some sense; I am beginning to feel abit relieved
Life: I am here to comfort you. Just as you are…Come

Soul: for that, I can already say a big thank you!

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