June 1, 2009

Wished I Had Known

I ask myself why, why, why?
What made him go this way?
A possible motive resounded
One that left me thinking

Beneath the fine appearance
Was one who’d been hurting
Maybe he thought no one cared
Or would not understand him

What could have been so painful?
Did he even try to talk about it?
Did he think he was beyond help?
What made him go over the edge?

Now I have all these questions
I wished I had some answers
But I am certain of one thing
He was a kind young fellow

I told him so on many occasions
But maybe that was not enough
Oh how I wish I had noticed
The pain behind his smiles

I take this as a serious warning
To observe what may go unsaid
Even if that’s the least I can do
To help someone along the way

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