January 1, 2009

Rich Risks

Maintaining awareness of unselective compromising
Unsacrificing today’s gladness for tomorrow-delight

Unlearning bludgeoning nuances of circumstances
Unbinding the body from constant conformity

Liberating expressions from royalty grammar
Unidentifying with armoured expectations

Unleashing guarded etiquette and persona
Untrapping mind from its turmoil of lack

Realigning dreams with the cosmic wheel
Untangling emotions from yo-yo stance

Unchaining the integrity of spontaneity
Remapping the importance of instinct

Redeeming experience from extortion
Reuniting living with the joy of bliss

Unwinding the pendulum of time
Unmasking soul of ascribed roles

Ungnarled thoughts of disappointment
Harvesting abundant ardour and vigour

Planting seed of inspirational intentions
Fertilizing every encounter with rich risk
Circumstances that continue to mould life’s outlook into shape
Treasure that the world cannot fathom giving or taking away

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